Hard to get Hold of
Chief Rockhead, those Rock 'n' Roll Runaways, are always on the run. The gang appears to be planlessly trekking across the federation and neighboring states. So be warned, there is a high risk of being exposed to their explosive presence and to witness a mindbending spectacle.

Grace to our widespred intelligence network, we got hold of the data of multiple future appearances. Yet, the number of encounters will be even more alarming, since they play their perfidious game for sympathists or at restricted areas.

On top, we created a "Plague Map of Visitation" marking all known appearances within the European region. With this at hand, you may actually evaluate the risk of a personal encounter with those rockers.
Next Stop on Tour...
Official Manhunt Whereabouts
Find here all upcoming gig dates, including any given links to each point of presence for further knowledge. You'd better keep an eye on this list, to stay in the heals of the strays on the run.