Chief Who?
You haven't heard of the Rock 'n' Roll Runaways from Aachen? These vagabonds prduce a devilishly good sound, their public appearances leave stunned crowds.

Yet there's only little official information about this occuring danger. All our latest insights about the stray mavericks is found at... INVESTIGATIVE FACTS.
Contemporary Rock 'n' Roll
There is a handful of recordings giving a good idea of the musical signature. This is why the given tapes are so helpful in terms of a positive identification. Extracts of the voluminous accustical archives are to be found at... SURVEILLANCE TAPES.
Damned to Perform
Many excursions have carved their style. Their sound is mature like good bourbon, but can not be enjoyed in silence. "Give 'em what you've got...", they whisper to themselves as soon as they see a stage. And before too long you're tainted with rock 'n' roll from head to toe.

You really have to experience it live on stage - but whoever fears such confrontation, may try it from a safe distance at AS SEEN IN ACTION.
Always on your mind
The audience will surely remember any direct contact for a long time. But what about the rest of the world? How may they inform themselves safely? Whenever the press reports about the crooks, you will learn it here instantly: FURTHER PUBLIC REPORTS.

To ensure adeqaute reporting, we assist the media by force. Free access and helpful press material is given at
Can't get enough Of you
Whoever is not afraid of direct contact, despite of all the warnings, may send a message to lure the gang into your city or get mug shots and profiles for hanging. Check out the operations center: BOUNTY HUNTER APPLICATION.

Of course we're interested in your feedback... to the crooks, their criminal good music and our search hints. Tell us your opinion: