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This forum in terms of Chief Rockhead benefits from your cooperation and communication. Valuable hints from most different sources aid to keep the published information up-to-date. Your comments, requests and inspirations are welcome - perfectly in form of an e-mail to fanpost@chief-rockhead.de.

More contact is provided by our facebook pages - you're probably already there. So get friendly with the gang and stay updated, get hints for special events and upcoming warnings. And of course you may help us to spread the word of the possible dangers caused by the Rock 'n' Roll Runaways.

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Chief Rockhead on your Stage

You can't buy them, still money is a good decoy to attract them... Chief Rockhead are true preformers, they rock every place at each opportunity as on festivals, in pubs, for clubs or private events like birthdays, weddings, funerals...
Almost anything already happened, almost any contract closed.

For long distance engagements keep additional travel expenses in mind, although there's a possible discount, if the guys are arround your environment at that time. So why not have a look at the given gig dates.

Please send your request at booking@chief-rockhead.de.
Promotional Service
In 2015 we intend to even intensify public infomation about any dangers linked to the encounter of the tricksters and their handmade Rock 'n' Roll. We therefore prepared posters in different sizes, postcards and flyers as a precautionary offer to those affected, send to any organizers to inform the public about possible side effects in advance of an upcoming appearance.

If you have none or not enough material at hand, please write a short message to support@chief-rockhead.de.

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