You Just can't imagine
From time to time, investigational efforts succeed spectacularly, for example when the visitation of the gang has been caught on tape by a security cam. Whenever eyewitness reports conduct to get hold of such recordings, the uncut material will be published instantly. Thanks for your support.
caught in the act
Beyond the shown samples at this site there are even more sightings found at YouTube: amateur shootings, hidden recording technics, spy satellite - all
seen and shown
in the net:
Chief Rockhead at
Security camera feeds

Baby's Coming Around
shot at The Studio Lounge

Slown Down Reprise
picked from the album Came to Stray

Six Feet Under
picked from the album Came to Stray

Foggy Mountain Breakdown
live @ Blues Rock Garaasj
Geleen, NL

Street Surrenders Visual Remix
on Tour

Street Surrenders
live @ Aue Open Air Festival,

6 Feet Under
live @ 40 Days that Rock,
Hard Rock Cafè/Köln

Hear You Calling
live @ Kulturrampe/Krefeld

@ Radio Benelux
your favorite Shot
Once you eye-witness an encounter with those musical strays and get hold of proofs like photografic or video works, you are asked, in the interest of public security, to submit any material for a direct publication at this particular stage.

The web deputy appreciates your relevant indication at
Im Take Five in Deidenheim
Picture: Take Five